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Even if a locked door can be opened, opening a locked door is much easier and takes less time. Make it a habit to cordon off your home or work place, even if you are only going to leave it for a short time.


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Although security technology has evolved over the past few years and people have become more aware of precautionary measures, cases of theft continue to occur.

In this post, I would like to discuss with you as an unlocking service and unlocking service what a thief or robber looks for before breaking into your apartment, house or workplace.

A thief monitors the places that must be entered before he enters your home, your workplace – in short – your places, and steals your belongings. He pays attention to the working hours; the lights that come on at work and the lights that come on at home in the evenings. Here it is determined whether the house should be entered during the day or at night – whether there are alarm systems.

After a thief decides to break in, he has to make sure that nobody is in this place. Some people ring the bell in disguise like a plumber or an officer or wait until the victim sleeps to break in.

If you live or work in the entrance area, the bushes and trees in front of your window and balcony allow thieves to enter more easily. You can both enter without appearing at dusk and passers-by or neighbors may not understand what is going on inside.

Windows that have been left open, doors that can be easily unlocked or forgotten keys on the door make it easier for the thief to break in.

The bedrooms are the first rooms thieves search. Since most people usually keep their jewelry and money there.

On average, a robbery takes between 6 and 12 minutes. The thief spends an average of 90 seconds cracking your door. If this period is exceeded, the perpetrator turns to another door, as the risk of being caught increases.

Simple measures with locksmith service

  • Thieves do not endanger themselves by entering a place they have not explored before. Hence, the thief who entered your home or work place has likely explored the place before. If during this exploration the thief discovers items that are easy to carry, and of great value, he is preparing to break into your home or work place.

  • As a result of the investigations and statistics carried out by the police and the security units, it has been shown that the thieves enter the houses through the entrance doors and leave the place again through them. In doing so, the valuable items that are within reach are usually collected in order not to lose too much time and not to take any risks.

  • First of all, make sure that you leave your valuables lying around, especially when people you do not know (courier, delivery man, mechanic) enter your apartment. Take special care of your laptop, keys, and jewelry.

  • Do not offer people you do not know the opportunity to break into the apartment building. Don’t open a door without asking. Some thieves pretend to be plumbers, building cleaners, etc. to examine the entrance doors or to gain entry into apartments.

  • Never leave your key near your house (under the mop, under the flower pot, electricity-natural gas-water box, etc.) when you leave the house.

  • Do not make notes on your keys that can be used to identify your address.

  • Security measures such as steel bars in front of windows or steel doors deter thieves.

  • Pets, especially dogs, provide security. No thief takes the risk of being injured.

  • Leaving some lights on when leaving your place of work or residence can also deter thieves.

While all of these measures work, experts recommend that you turn to both active and passive measures to help overcome fear of theft and provide real protection.

As a locksmith service, we have summarized these active measures for you below.

Active measures with unlocking service

Your unlocking service is available for you 24/7 in and around Vienna.
Call them! We are here for you!

  • If possible, use the latest security systems (cylinders & keys). Have them serviced regularly. Classic old-fashioned cylinders offer very poor protection. Your unlocking service will be happy to advise you.

  • Whenever you’ve moved into a house, always replace the old locks with new ones. Even if the number of keys delivered to you is accurate, there is no way of knowing whether or not they have been copied.

  • A thief’s greatest fear is being caught. Because of this, houses with a camera security system are not among the houses chosen by thieves. If the thief is aware of the presence of the cameras, it can be a deterrent. However, some thieves try to override the cameras with their faces covered.

  • The use of alarms in cases in which the camera system fails is the greatest security that you can use for your home and your workplace. Since a break-in through the window or front door makes loud noises and these drive away the burglar.

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